SpeechWork: Dictate freely, SpeechWork makes the notes!

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Try the SpeechWork on your android and IOS smart phone free of charge.
Click on the link and download the application and enjoy the SpeechWork anytime, anywhere.

Do you want to see the messages on DIKTI portal? Please register with your e-mail address that you used by installing the application also on DIKTI portal.

About SpeechWork software

Do you spend a lot of time in your car? Or do you often go bicycling or jogging? With the SpeechWork application you can easily create notes, reminders free of charge anytime, anywhere, regardless of the activity you’re doing. Change the pen-paper to SpeechWork!

Free application

Downloading and using SpeechWork is and will be always free. There are no hidden costs.

Available both in Android and IOS

Do you have Android or iPhone smart phone? No problem! SpeechWork can be used with both operation systems.

Google Calendar

In case you register with your Gmail address and you start your note with a date, your note will be automatically set in your Google Calendar.

Available anytime, anywhere

Do you travel or have holidays? You only need your smart phone and Internet connection to use the software.

Immediate sending

No need to wait. Dictate the task and the software sends immediately the e-mail to you.

Dikti portal

You can also check the text or listen to the voice message with the help of Dikti portal.

Usage of SpeechWork

  • 1

    Download the app on your mobile free of charge.

  • 2

    Start the app and type in your phone number and e-mail address.

  • 3

    You can use the dictation function by pressing the green button.

  • 4

    Once you finished the call, the app sends the text automatically on your pre-registered e-mail address.

Would you further use your notes?

Activate your Google Calendar settings at the starting steps of the application. In case your SpeechWork notes begin with a date, your Google Calendar will be synchronized and the even will be automatically created.

Would you like to use your notes for business purposes? You can create from your notes even tasks for yourself or your colleagues through our MeshWork workflow management system. More information: meshwork


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