DIKTI: DIctate Kötetlenül Telefonról Ingyenesen

DIKTI software family

Don’t mind to have pen and paper all the time with you! Don’t you want to make notes during driving? We don’t let the important thoughts to be forgotten. Use the DIKTI software that automatically transfer voice to text message and send to your pre-registered e-mail address, so you can open them anytime, anywhere.


With the help of the SpeechWork application you can easily dictate notes, tasks or even calendar entry from your mobile phone. The text will be immediately sent to you pre-registered e-mail address.


Shall you miss the mobile internet connection, call the CallWork. Register on the webpage, and after dialling the given number you can dictate your text..

Would you further use your notes?

Activate your Google Calendar settings at the starting steps of the application. In case your SpeechWork notes begin with a date, your Google Calendar will be synchronized and the even will be automatically created.

Would you like to use your notes for business purposes? You can create from your notes even tasks for yourself or your colleagues through our MeshWork workflow management system. More information: meshwork

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