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In order to use CallWork you need to register your phone number and e-mail address in our system. The registration is free of charge. Follow the guide, and you can use CallWork immediately.

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About CallWork

Have your own office assistant with CallWork! In case you use the landline more often than your mobile, or you spend most of your time in the office and you would make your notes rather there, you’d need CallWork, that doesn’t need download or installation. You can call only one number from any kind of phone.

Free software

Usage of CallWork is and will be always free. Calling the CallWork Assistant is not for any extra cost.

Quick registration

You only need to sign up your e-mail and phone number, and you can use the software.

99% precise

CallWork makes better notes than an assistant. The dictated text is 99% precisely written down.

You only need to dial the number!

CallWork can be called in the same way as any of your colleagues, partners and you even don’t need to download the appl. Dial the number, and CallWork Assistant will immediately answer your call.

Immediate sending

No need to wait. Dictate the task and the software sends immediately the e-mail to you.

Dikti portal

You can also check the text or listen to the voice message with the help of Dikti portal.

Usage of CallWork

  • 1

    Sign up to our system by clicking on Sign up button at the top of the page.

  • 2

    Confirm your registration in e-mail.

  • 3

    Then dial +36 21/200-7833-as number and you can begin to dictate.

  • 4

    Once you finished the call, the app sends the text automatically on your pre-registered e-mail address.

Usage of CallWork is not for premium rate. The price of the service equalt to the rate of the trunk calls of your supplier.

Would you further use your notes?

Would you like to use your notes for business purposes? You can create from your notes even tasks for yourself or your colleagues through our MeshWork workflow management system. More information: meshwork


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